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Polycarbonate Properties

The words durable and tough have been used countless times to describe the properties of polycarbonate plastic material. PC Polycarbonates are thermoplastics that are known for being nearly impact resistant and stronger than glass. Bullet proofing material and weather proof glazing for windows have been comprised of some element of polycarbonate since versions of it was created in the mid-20th century by General Electric, and Bayer respectively.

Each type, or grade of polycarbonate comes with its own unique polycarbonate properties and benefits of using in a variety of applications. For instance, unfilled polycarbonate has a high modulus of elasticity, and features a low frequency, and high voltage insulating properties making it ideal for use in electrical and electronic uses. Clear Unfilled polycarbonate can also be used in transparent structural uses.

If transparency is an important consideration, take special care to ask what types and grades of polycarbonate have the best transparency properties. SABIC (formerly GE) makes the world’s leading polycarbonate brand Lexan®. Lexan polycarbonate sheet is available in many different grades, with varying properties and transparency. The polycarbonate properties of strength, impact resistance and unfilled grade transparency make polycarbonate (PC) a desired material for certain transparent structural uses, as well as displays.

Glass filled polycarbonate also has unique properties. Glass filled polycarbonate has been filled with glass fibers in a variety of different amounts or levels. For example, you can order 10%, 20%, 430%, and 40% glass filled polycarbonate. The percentage corresponds to the percentage of glass fibers the polycarbonate material has been filled with. Glass filled polycarbonate features a higher tensile strength, is stiffer, and has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than other polycarbonate properties. Glass filled polycarbonate is typically also a greenish white color (natural) and can sometimes come in black. If you have related questions about any type of polycarbonate and the polycarbonate properties that you can expect with this type/grade, please call us at 866-43-PSHAPES (77427).

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