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PEI (Polyetherimide) is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic offering exceptional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It can be easily machined with conventional metalworking tools, and can be painted, hot stamped, printed or metallized.

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<p>Excellent dimensional stability</p>

Excellent dimensional stability

<p>Good UV and hydrolysis resistance</p>

Good UV and hydrolysis resistance

<p>Transparent to visible infrared and microwave radiation</p>

Transparent to visible infrared and microwave radiation

<p>Inherent flame retardancy</p>

Inherent flame retardancy

Physical Properties

Tensile strength @ break @ 73°FpsiD63810700 – 15600
Flexural modulus @ 73°FpsiD79016700 – 25700
Izod impact (notched)ft-lbs/in of notchD2560.38 – 1.4
Deflection Temperature Under Load @ 264 psi°FD648385 – 446
Water absorption @ 73°F – 24 hours%D5700.25 – 0.27
Compressive strengthpsiD695102 – 22600
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)(in/in°F)D6963.0E-5 to 3.1E-5
Coefficient of frictionD18940.23 – 0.30
Taber Abrasion ResistancemgD10449.25 – 10.7

Suppliers / Brands

Polymer Industries