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Product Spotlight: PVC Acrylic Material

PVC acrylic distributors can provide businesses in a variety of industries with quality, versatile plastic materials. This particular option is a thermoformable, impact resistant sheet that can protect against fire, chemicals, and a variety of harsh conditions. 

Material made by PVC Acrylic Distributors

This makes it perfect for a variety of applications, especially ones that require this advanced level of strength and durability. In particular, aerospace and industrial facilities often utilize PVC acrylic for a variety of components. 

For those looking for PVC acrylic distributors or anyone who wants to learn more about this powerful material, here’s a guide. 

What is PVC Acrylic?

PVC acrylic is a type of thermoplastic that is known for being impact and fire resistant, though it also has several other qualities that make it popular in relevant industries. It sometimes also goes by the name acrylic/PVC or by popular brand names like Boltaron®, and Kydex®. 

Because of its fire and impact resistant qualities, it is particularly popular in aerospace and industrial applications. However, it is an incredibly versatile material, available in a variety of grades, types, textures and colors. Some of these forms even offer metallic top layers or decorative caps to help the sheets fit visually with other materials in aerospace and/or industrial settings. 

As the name suggests, PVC-acrylic is created using two main plastic materials: PVC and acrylic. This combination offers a truly unique blend of powerful qualities. The PVC offers toughness and resistance to fire, smoke, and chemicals. The acrylic offers impact resistance, rigidity, and superior formability. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important features. 

Since PVC acrylic is a thermoplastic, it is generally easy to form using targeted heat tools. It can even keep a uniform wall thickness while being formed into various shapes or applications. This makes it versatile and easy for PVC acrylic distributors to work with, especially when crafting custom parts or components. 

PVC acrylic also offers high impact resistance. This comes from its acrylic components. Since acrylic is able to absorb extra energy from impact, this material generally does not break or shatter when struck with a fast-moving object. This can make it especially useful when it comes to applications where the material may be exposed to debris or pieces of sharp or heavy equipment that may be moving at a high rate of speed. 

Another quality that makes PVC acrylic especially useful in select industries is its flame compliance. When exposed to fire or smoke, the material doesn’t accelerate the flames or release toxic materials into the surrounding environment. It gets this quality from PVC, which is essentially a self-extinguishing material based on its chemical makeup. 

This is also what gives PVC acrylic its chemical resistant qualities. This is helpful in applications where the material may be exposed to harsh chemicals or cleaning products. It generally does not break down or change its form when these materials are applied to its surface. 

Types of Applications Appropriate for PVC Acrylic

PVC acrylic distributors supply products for a variety of industries. Since it’s available in so many grades, colors, textures, and shapes, it can be useful in a huge array of applications. But there are a few industries and emerging trends where the material is especially popular right now. Here are a few of them. 

The aerospace industry has traditionally been one of the main users of PVC acrylic. Boltaron and Kydex are some of the main suppliers of PVC acrylic in this field. So you may sometimes hear the material being referred to by these brand names. Though the aerospace industry may be facing some struggles currently, the need for quality materials for airplane parts is always essential for ensuring safety and efficiency. PVC acrylic can be used in a variety of parts within airplanes, including seats, tray tables, and bulkheads. Its flame resistance is one of the main reasons why the material is so popular in this area. This quality allows it to meet all relevant aerospace regulations, including FAR Flammability, Heat Release and Smoke, and Boeing/Airbus Toxicity rules.

Since PVC acrylic is such a moldable and easy-to-form material, it can also be used in the production of small, custom items like firearm holsters and knife sheaths. These products can be made to fit specific weapons and mold to the exact shapes that users need for comfort and easy accessibility. Brands like Boltaron and Kydex can fabricate the material in many different grades. And it can even have custom aesthetic elements added like faux wood grain finishes. 

These are just a few of the popular applications for PVC acrylic. It is also commonly used in various industrial components, automotive parts, bus and rail interiors, the building and construction industry, thermoformers, and wall coverings. 

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