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PVC-Acrylic – Attributes and Applications

PVC-Acrylic is a strong, durable, and versatile plastic material. Known as a relatively lower-cost solution (compared to materials like Polycarbonate), it achieves many of the same benefits including being tough, impact resistant, chemically resistant, compliant with certain fire ratings and toxicity requirements, and more – making it a perfect material for use in a number of industries.

airplane that likely utilizes pvc acrylic parts
PVC-Acrylic is utilized in highly specialized applications such as an aerospace material

Here is more information about the markets served and application use cases.

PVC-Acrylic for Aerospace

Aircraft components, bulkheads, seats, panels, and other aerospace grade plastic components can all benefit from the engineering advantages of PVC-Acrylic. Stringent industrial requirements are well met by the many benefits of this material. Specific use cases include wall coverings, compartments, and similar parts in an airplane where PVC-Acrylic Sheets can be custom cut or thermoformed to suit a project need.

Because of its impact resistant qualities and ability to be shaped, it’s exceptionally useful in industrial and engineering applications. This material can meet the needs of virtually any heavy duty or manufacturing project where the strength of the material is important. This also includes the automotive industry.

Automotive Industry

Because of the ease of forming this material with practically any option of texture or color, PVC-Acrylic is well suited to the auto manufacturing industry in engineering and production. Similar to airplane components, various parts, housings, modules, and other items can be engineered from this material. Again, the same benefits of fire rating, toxicity compliance and working well in flame / smoke requirements apply. 

a car dashboard made of plastic parts

The unique customizability of this material means that it can maintain these properties even during formation into various shapes. This product is suited for milling, routing, plastic CNC fabrication, and being cut to size. Large or small, this material can adapt to a huge array of product designs in the industrial and commercial space.

Building and Construction

Fabrication versatility in product design makes PVC-Acrylic useful in construction design and engineering. Wall coverings, interior materials, small parts like handles & more can be created with this plastic. This product is able to maintain a uniformity of width even during formation or fabrication. Ease of forming, high strength, fire resistance and the ability to cut any custom shape make this material a common choice in construction application.

Medical and Healthcare 

PVC-Acrylic Distributors supply this material for hospital and healthcare applications. The benefits that apply to other industries are useful in a medical focus as well: machine components, parts for electronic devices, medical trays, fabricated plastic pieces, and more. Being versatile in grades and textures, this material provides a variety of benefits where the heavy-duty and sustained usage of a product requires it to have a long-lived durability but is also cost-friendly.

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