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Sneeze Guards by Polymershapes

sneeze guard to help protect from coronavirus“Sneeze guards” are clear plastic partitions that separate customers or members of the public from employees or products that might be vulnerable or able to spread germs. This type of solution has traditionally been used in places like cafeterias, grocery stores, buffets, and bakeries. Even without specific concerns related to coronavirus, keeping these areas sanitized and protected is essential. However, now even more businesses are considering protective materials or social distance barriers. Basically any facility that has a checkout area or space where employees might interact with customers face-to-face could use this type of solution to limit the spread of disease and keep secure areas clean and safe.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to evaluate and step up their sanitation practices. This isn’t just about regular hand-washing. Putting physical barriers and guards in place to prevent the spread of germs in sensitive areas is also a must.

In a rapidly changing environment, businesses need solutions to help ensure the protection of both customers and employees. And you need those solutions right away. Luckily, Polymershapes is committed to providing you with the materials and turnkey solutions to help partition and contain your environment quickly. From retail and customer service counters to manufacturing production floors, a wide array of businesses could benefit from these social distance barriers and similar solutions. Here are some of the benefits and options available so you can choose which one is the best fit for your operations. 


See-Through Plastics for Barriers and Partitions

Polymershapes offers a wide array of clear plastic solutions that are perfect for barriers and partitions. These products can help to protect the health and wellness of your employees and customers alike. Sneeze guards and similar products can be made from crystal-clear acrylic, high-impact polycarbonate, or other clear plastic solutions that are well suited to your specific needs. 

Because they use transparent plastic materials, these sneeze guard barriers offer clear visibility, so they won’t negatively impact the ability for customers and employees to see one another and communicate clearly. They may also include a pass-through area for employees to collect payments or pass items back and forth when needed. 

Additionally, Polymershapes can cut clear plastic to the size you need for your space, making setup and installation a breeze. We also offer custom routing for those who require extra customization services to make sure the barrier fits your space and aesthetic needs. 


Ready-to-Install Customer Service “Sneeze Guard” Barriers

mobile sneeze guardIf you need a ready-to-install solution, Polymershapes offers standard sneeze guards or social distance barriers that are quick and simple to install. These solutions are made with a high quality acrylic shield that provides clear visibility for easy communication. This makes them perfect for a wide array of businesses, especially those that have retail and customer-service counters, because they provide a barrier between your team and the general public. This gives companies an easy and cost efficient way to protect the health and wellness of both team members and customers 

Installing these barriers is quick and easy, with freestanding, hanging, and simple screw or double-sided tape installation options,, so you can get them set up and start protecting your employees and customers quickly — a feature that’s especially important during an ongoing public health crisis. Additionally, the barrier installs right over your existing countertop. And you can easily fit it between registers, or you can use multiple pieces of material to create a longer partition that fits over multiple workstations.


Custom Retail and Customer Service Partition Solutions

If you need a plastic sneeze guard barrier that’s completely customized to your counter space, Polymershapes can help you create the exact solution that is right for your company’s needs and your existing space. For example, you might require a longer partition, one without a pass-through area, or even a portable sneeze guard that you can move from place to place for special events or changing needs. 

If your needs go beyond the ready-made materials that we have available today, just tell our team about your specific requirements. We’re always happy to help design a solution that helps protect your employees and patrons, no matter your current layout or unique needs. 

Anti-Microbial Plastics and Sanitary Surface Solutions

To ensure the health and wellness of your employees and customers, you need protective surfaces around your business that are easy to maintain and disinfect regularly. At Polymershapes, we offer plastic sheets that are easy to disinfect and sanitize whenever you need to do so. These materials don’t easily harbor bacteria or germs and can be wiped down with antimicrobial cleaners on a regular basis to reduce the chance of contamination or disease spreading throughout a facility, ultimately improving the health, wellbeing, and safety of everyone in your location.


About Polymershapes

In addition to sneeze guards and social distance barriers, Polymershapes offers a wide array of custom plastic solutions for businesses, including plastic sheets, rods, tubes, film, and associated products. With more than 70 years of service, we mix the friendly and convenient service of a local operation with the resources and innovation of a much larger firm. Customers enjoy quick order turnarounds, quality products, and tons of customization options to optimize the value of each order. We’re also constantly innovating and developing new solutions to suit businesses with their immediate plastic needs. If you’re looking for a new plastic supplier or want to learn more about sneeze guards or social distance barriers, visit our website to find your nearest branch. One of our local distributors will be happy to provide a quote and get your company the materials you need as quickly as possible.