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What is High Impact Polystyrene Used For?

High Impact Polystyrene is known for it’s versatility

high impact polystyreneHigh Impact Polystyrene, or HIPS, or HIS as it is commonly abbreviated in the plastics industry is a cost-effective, versatile thermoformer that is known for being lightweight and easy to print on. For this reason, it is great choice for signs and fabrication. It is typically used for POP Display, Indoor Signage, and other common displays.

High Impact Polystyrene is known for its stiffness, although it is considered a low strength material. You’ll find it in consumer products such as appliances, toys, televisions, as well as in the automotive industry for car components such as gas tanks. Even food service industry products like hot and cold drinking cups can be made of HIPS material. High Impact Polystyrene sheets can be recycled, with minimal loss of properties, and is FDA approved with 100% virgin resin.

Shop for High Impact Polystyrene sheets in standard sizes such as: 48” x 96” up to 50” x 99”, custom up to 114″ wide. You can place an order for any standard sheet in a range of thickness within this scale: Thickness: 0.020” up to 0.250”. Polymershapes can custom order as well if you need custom sizes. Our High Impact Polystyrene sheets can be printed using Digital Screen, Flexo, and Litho links.

Polymershapes sells High Impact Polystyrene that meets the FDA regulatory standards that are currently in place. You can choose from the following colors of High Impact Polystyrene: Dead-White, Black, Natural, and Corona treated. Other colors are available and can be ordered as custom orders. Our High Impact Polystyrene products are available in Matte, or Smooth textures, and digital or screen grade.

Head over to see other specifications about the High Impact Polystyrene sheets that you can order today. Same day delivery is provided in some areas. As the premier plastic distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, and associated products, with over 70 years of industry-leading heritage, we have plastic distribution’s most knowledgeable and highly trained sales and customer service team.  At Polymershapes, You’re the Center of All We Do!