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Bending Lexan

Lexan is the worlds leading polycarbonate plastic and while it is very much like glass, it is stronger and lighter than glass and preferred for bulletproofing. You’ll find Lexan used for windows, armored vehicles, aerospace applications, security glazing, die cutters, membrane switches, golf cart windows and so many other uses. It is an amorphous thermoplastic with a continuous use temperature range of up to 265° F (129° C). If you have questions about bending Lexan, look no further. Lexan Sheet can be cold bent and can bend to tighter curves than polymethyl methacrylate, Acrylic. Bending Lexan sheet is easy because of its excellent flexibility factor. It can easily be formed, and formed, and reformed.

Lexan is easy to machine and is formable using a proprietary silicone based hard coating that uses a dual-cure thermal technology. This hard coating is pre-cured so that it can be easily handled and fabricated just as any other regular sheet of polycarbonate plastic, yet it maintains enough flexibility that it can be formed.

Polycarbonate is commonly used in see-through applications, such as machine guards, windows (glazing), windshields for golf carts and other recreational vehicles, and Point of Purchase displays. Polycarbonate is 20 times stronger than acrylic and is retains is physical properties over a greater range of temperatures. Polycarbonate is more than 200 times stronger than glass. LEXAN Polycarbonate sheet comes in a variety of textures and surface patterns for the purpose of light diffusion, privacy and printing. It can be cut, routed, drilled, and milled. Graphics can be direct printed or laminated.

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