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Polymershapes Has Led The Way In Coronavirus Response with Face Shields and Sneeze Guards

man wearing plastic face shield by manufacturer Polymershapes which helps protect from Coronavirus also known as covid-19

Polymershapes has been an industry leader in its coronavirus response efforts, working quickly to develop and produce innovative new solutions that healthcare providers and front line workers can use to enhance safety conditions for employees, customers, and members of the public. The coronavirus pandemic has made a huge impact on nearly every industry — and plastic fabrication is no exception. 

Face shields and sneeze guards are two of the most important solutions that Polymershapes has been working tirelessly to supply to the parties that need them most. Here’s a rundown of these new developments for those who want to learn more about our coronavirus response and how these new products are making a positive impact on businesses and communities around the country. 

How Polymershapes Has Led the Way in Coronavirus Response With Face Shields

As coronavirus cases have surged throughout the country, many healthcare facilities and their employees have been left without sufficient access to personal protection equipment, which is essential for keeping workers safe and slowing the spread of the virus within hospitals and medical centers. To combat this issue, Polymershapes has entered into a license agreement with MIT Project Manus to create and distribute mass-produced, disposable face shields that can help healthcare personnel protect themselves while they perform essential duties. These face shields are meant exclusively for healthcare professionals and are available to medical facilities at a low cost, with many also being donated by MIT and Polymershapes to various providers throughout the country. 

These face shields are produced using a single piece of plastic so they can ship out to hospitals completely flat for maximum efficiency. This also allows hospitals to distribute these pieces of PPE to staff members right away, either by staging them at central locations or distributing them to specific employees within hospitals. Once they receive their shields, workers can easily fold them into a three dimensional face shield and fit them to their specific size and comfort needs before affixing it over their face for maximum protection. The whole process takes just about 90 seconds, so it doesn’t add any extra stress or time constraints to their already busy workday. 

How Polymershapes Has Led the Way in Pandemic Response With Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are simple yet customizable solutions that are designed to provide a thin, plastic barrier between workers and customers. They allow for clear and concise conversations between the two sides without exposing anyone to unnecessary germs. Our CoronaGuard sneeze guards come in simple, “ready-to-install” versions, or you can have a completely custom fabricated sneeze guard produced to fit your exact needs.

More specifically, our sneeze guards are produced using impact resistant plastics that offer crystal clarity so both employees and customers can clearly see through to the other side. You can also have a small amount of clearance or pass through trays and other accessories added to enhance easy communication or transfer or money or small items between the two sides. Additionally, sneeze guards can be produced in a wide array of materials to meet the clarity, sanitation, and durability needs of your facility, including for coronavirus response.

If you need to install protective solutions quickly to protect front line workers and customers during the coronavirus pandemic, you could also opt for ready-to-install sneeze guards. These ready-made panels are the perfect size to fit over a countertop or checkout area to protect grocery store cashiers, carryout restaurant servers, pharmacy employees, and administrative personnel at medical facilities. They can stand freely on top of a counter, be installed using just a few screws, hang from above, or even affix to a surface using double sided adhesive. This is the most efficient and economical way to get protective systems set up at locations that have an immediate need. You can even combine multiple panels to provide protection over large checkout or reception areas or those with multiple customer service representatives. 

Even companies that aren’t currently providing essential services may benefit from sneeze guards going forward. These simple barriers can improve safety and sanitation on an ongoing basis and help both employees and customers feel more secure about their shopping or customer service experience, especially in environments where concerns about the spread of germs may be especially prevalent, like those related to food service or healthcare. 

About Polymershapes’ Covid-19 Response

When you’re dealing with unexpected events, it’s important to have relationships with vendors and suppliers that are able to quickly adapt to new situations and provide quick and effective solutions to evolving challenges. Polymershapes has been able to immediately jump into action and provide a wide array of new products and offerings that help businesses and organizations across industries adapt to these time sensitive challenges. 

If you’re interested in learning more about face shields and sneeze guards or implementing these protective solutions at your healthcare facility or essential business, contact Polymershapes today. We have friendly customer service representatives standing by to answer your questions and help you customize solutions to fit the specific needs of your business or organization. 

In addition to face shields and sneeze guards, we provide a wide range of plastic materials for industries ranging from retail to healthcare to construction. We utilize local distribution centers to provide friendly and personal service to customers and get orders out quickly. However, we also have access to the latest cutting edge fabrication equipment and quality plastics manufacturers so you can feel confident in the actual materials you receive. Visit our website to start your order or to find a local distributor today.