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High Density Polyethylene Plastic

High Density Polyethylene Plastic

High Density Polyethylene Plastic is part of the polyolefin class, and is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic commonly used in industry and manufacturing. We offer competitive pricing on High Density Polyethylene Plastic.  We carry both HDPE sheet, and rod shapes of High Density Polyethylene.

We are the foremost plastic distributors supplying clients with plastic sheet, plastic rod, and plastic tubes from our more than 70 locations and fabrication centers. Our customer service and sales staff are highly trained to answer your questions regarding sheet sizes, availability, uses, thermoforming, routing, and other fabrication methods. If you have questions regarding High Density Polyethylene plastic sheet or plastic tube, please reach out to us by calling 1 (866) 437-7427 or email us at info@polymershapes.com. You may also find a branch near you by using our Branch Locator.

High Density Polyethylene Plastic can be an effective solution for a multitude of applications. It is resistant to weatherization and corrosion. It is exceptionally strong, yet still light weight. This quality is why it has become a solution as an automotive plastic for use in gas tanks. Automobile gas tanks made from High Density Polyethylene Plastic weight much less than tanks made from stamped aluminum.

It is hard to find an industry or place that HDPE could not be utilized. It is used in virtually everything these days from milk jugs to weather resistant graphic banners. It can be fabricated, welded, and machined into a variety of items. Plastic cutting boards are typically made from High Density Polyethylene plastic, and you can order Cutting Board grade HDPE from Polymershapes.

Find out more about the High Density Polyethylene products that we sell, applications, and regulatory compliance standards and guidelines that this industrial plastic is compliant with.

We offer the standard sizes in HDPE sheet and HDPE rod shapes; custom cuts can be requested. This plastic can be ordered in Natural or Black colors and is available in smooth or pebbled textures. Polymershapes puts customer service at the center of all that we do. We consistently deliver innovative solutions to delight our customers.