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Nylon Sheet

Nylon SheetPolymershapes has a huge selection of stock Nylon Sheet that we can cut for your project. Give us a call at 1-866-437-7427 and we can take your order. We are aligned with the most trusted industry leaders that manufacture nylon sheet. We carry nylon plastic film sheets that can be fabricated and formed for a myriad of applications including all of your packaging needs. The most demanding packaging applications commonly use Nylon for packaging. This is because it has a nice barrier quality that keeps out oxygen while still being permeable to carbon dioxide (CO2), ensuring that it does not get trapped inside. This is one reason that nylon is a fantastic choice for food packaging applications.

The most widely used form of Polyamide, or Nylon sheet is Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6. Nylon 6,6 has a higher melting point than Nylon 6, and less permeability and moisture retention. Nylon 6, however has a much higher impact resistance. Nylon sheet has amazing high wear resistance. Nylon materials, including Nylon sheet do not withstand UV rays, however. But, Nylon is USDA and FDA compliant. In fact, Nylon products meet the following regulatory compliance standards: 3-A Dairy, ASTM/Mil-Spec, Canada AG, FDA, NSF, and USDA.

In addition to Nylon sheet, rod, and tube shapes we are the foremost plastics supplier in the Americas, Mexico and Canada. We partner with the most innovative and trusted brands to deliver the solutions you need, and with 70+ stocking locations and five film conversion centers, we offer a wide range of options for meeting your specialty fabrication and conversion needs. Learn more about other plastics sheets for your needs. We are ready to handle your orders of Acrylic, Lexan Sheets, High Impact Polystyrene Sheets, and High Density Polyethylene Sheets