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Plastic Companies Near Me

plastic companies near meIf you do a Google search for ‘plastic companies near me’ you might find other plastic distributors that carry the industrial plastics that you would like to order, however Polymershapes is the only distributor out of the plastic companies near me that can deliver same day to my area.

Polymershapes has built a reputation over their 70 years in existence of supplying industries with the best prices and delivery times on plastic sheet, rod, tube, film and associated products. Our innovative approach to solving plastic industry problems sets our team apart from other plastic companies near me.

Our network of stocking facilities makes us the top local choice when considering all of the plastic companies near me. Need custom sheets? We offer precise conversion capabilities of cut to size sheets, film reel conversion and CNC routing and machining.

Polymershapes is the premier distributor of plastics. If you are looking for plastic companies near me that can supply the plastics you are looking for your projects or manufacturing needs. A new sector that we are providing plastics to is Additive or 3D manufacturing. If you are searching for industrial plastics that you can use for Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing, we can help you! We offer a line of filaments, produced by SABIC. These filaments are made from commercial grades of thermoplastic resins. Additive Manufacturing describes a new process of adding plastics layer by layer.

For Additive Manufacturing, we make it easy for you to print your 3D concepts, prototypes, even tools that can be used in countless industries. Order materials such as ABS, LEXAN™ Polycarbonate and ULTEM™ PEI direct from us. You can learn more about Lexan polycarbonate and ULTEM™ (PEI) viewing the product details for each.