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Polycarbonate VS Acrylic

Polycarbonate VS AcrylicAre you evaluating what the best plastic sheet product would be for your application? If you are looking at and comparing stats and physical properties of Polycarbonate VS Acrylic sheet and evaluating if either option would be ideal for your application, Polymershapes can assist you and provide data and history of usage and experience. Polymershapes client centered customer service support team is unmatched when it comes to assisting clients with making important decisions on material and fabrication methods. Our team has decades of experience working with and fabricating these 2 commonly used polymers.

Polycarbonate VS Acrylic – What’s the Biggest Difference?

Polycarbonate and Acrylic are often compared by manufacturers and others. Polycarbonate, also called Lexan after the most popular brand of Polycarbonate Plastic is stronger than acrylic, however acrylic is less expensive.

Polycarbonate with its strength, impact resistance, and resistance to cracking is preferred in applications where strength against warping is a very important factor. Acrylic is much shinier and due to it being much cheaper to purchase, Acrylic is used in applications where strength is less of a factor, and cost is more of a driving decision maker. Polycarbonate may be strong; however, it is much easier to scratch than Acrylic plastic.

Polymershapes carries Polycarbonate Sheets, including the best brand of Polycarbonate, LEXAN polycarbonate sheet, as well as PVC Acrylic which is a tough form of Acrylic. PVC Acrylic is a high impact, fire rated plastic sheet that is found in a variety of aerospace and industrial applications.

PVC Acrylic meets the following regulatory compliance standards: Boeing/Airbus Toxicity, FAR 25.853 Flammability, FAR 25.853 Heat Release (OSU 65/65), FAR 25.853 Smoke, and UL-94 Flame Class. Tough Polycarbonate Sheet meets the same regulatory compliance standards as PVC Acrylic sheet, and a few additional ones as well, including 3-A Dairy, FDA, USDA, and USP Class VI regulations.

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