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Use Cases of Colored Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic is well known in most of its applications as a clear material. However, it also comes in a wide array of hues that can be customized to the specific aesthetic needs of each project. This visual customization comes with all the normal benefits of clear acrylic. So users can still enjoy the ease of installation, versatility, and relatively high impact strength of this popular material no matter what finish or hue it comes in. 

a stack of colored acrylic sheets

If you’re interested in benefiting from the striking visual impact of colored acrylic sheets, here’s a guide to some of their most popular applications and attributes. 

Applications of Colored Acrylic Sheets

Colored acrylic sheets can be beneficial for a wide range of applications, from skylights to signage. Selecting colored sheets over clear ones often just comes down to aesthetic preferences. Those who prefer a simple look or optical clarity tend to select transparent sheets. But those looking for more visual interest may opt for colorful hues instead. In general, there are a few categories where sheets with a particular hue may be more attractive than basic clear sheets. 

Architectural applications tend to utilize colored acrylic sheets in certain settings. For example, skylights may include a unique hue to make the room stand out. Greenhouses and sunrooms can also utilize colored acrylic sheets for aesthetic purposes or to block out a bit of extra light and offer enhanced privacy. 

colored acrylic sheets hanging in rows

Retail businesses can also benefit from colored acrylic sheets to house or display a variety of products. For example, point-of-purchase counters often include colorful acrylic shelves to call attention to products that the business wants to move or those that are particularly in demand. Storefront windows may even utilize acrylic sheets in colors that match the company’s overall branding. 

Businesses may also utilize colored acrylic sheets in exterior applications. For example, colored acrylic sheets are often used to produce signage. In addition to flat signs, colored acrylic sheets can be cut into the shapes of different letters or graphic elements to form three-dimensional logos and signs. Many storefronts also utilize opaque or translucent acrylic sheets in awnings to block sunlight from windows and add extra visual interest to the outside. 

Benefits of Colored Acrylic Sheets

Colored acrylic sheets offer all the same benefits as clear ones, since they have the same chemical makeup and are essentially the same exact product; they simply offer a different visual look. Specifically, acrylic sheets are often chosen because of their strength, lightness, and easy fabrication. For instance, a construction firm may select acrylic for skylights, since it offers more impact resistance than glass. It’s also significantly more lightweight than glass and many other construction materials, so it’s easy to install, transport, and handle for a huge array of projects. Acrylic can also be cut to size, thermoformed, and customized easily, which is what makes it such a beneficial material for things like retail signage and displays. 

Outside of those well-known qualities of acrylic, colored sheets are often chosen because of the vitality of different hues available. These sheets can be customized to suit the specific design needs of various firms; some businesses even select panels to match their branding or marketing materials to provide a consistent appearance. These unique visual elements are especially important in commercial applications, since they can make a building and business more memorable to visitors. Color consistency across various formats can also help potential customers draw connections between instances where they’ve noticed the brand in the past, leading to increased familiarity and potentially more paying customers. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Supplier

The quality of acrylic sheets is often the most important element to consider when purchasing materials for various applications. Look for suppliers that work with top brands and manufacturers to ensure you get all the qualities desired for the success of your projects. For example, OPTIX® from Plaskolite is a quality acrylic option with various colors and personalization features available. 

Customization options like cut-to-size acrylic sheets and machining can also be beneficial for certain applications. Getting sheets in the specific sizes needed for each project can help you install materials quickly and increase overall productivity while saving money by avoiding the need to purchase extra customization services from third-party suppliers. 

When it comes to choosing colored acrylic sheets, it’s also essential to make sure they can produce sheets in the specific hues needed for your various projects. Some colors may be available in stock sheets to provide fast access to the acrylic products needed for various purposes. However, it’s often even more beneficial to work with providers that offer custom color matching. This allows you to select the exact hues that suit your design and architectural needs based on the colors you already use in other materials. You can even produce signage, awnings, or architectural elements that match your other branding and marketing materials precisely. 

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