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Polycarbonate Plastic

Polycarbonate PlasticPolymershapes makes it easy to order polycarbonate plastic sheets from each of our branch locations across the United States, Mexico and Canada. We have the most competitive prices on all types of Polycarbonate Plastic including General Purpose Polycarbonate, Sign grade, Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet, Abrasion Resistant (scratch resistant), Aircraft, FDA polycarbonate, Flame Retardant, Graphic, High Optic and Machine Grade sheets.

Machine Grade Polycarbonate Plastic is available in sheet, tube and rod form. LEXAN Polycarbonate is the most widely recognized brands of polycarbonate and it can be found in sheet form and filament form that is used in certain 3D printers. Get pricing on polycarbonate for 3D printing, one of the fastest growing manufacturing industries. LEXAN Polycarbonate can be ordered in a variety of textures and surface patterns. It can be fabricated in a myriad of ways including cut, routed, drilled, and milled. Graphic polycarbonate can be direct printed or laminated.

Polycarbonate Plastic is preferred over other types of high strength polymers because it is virtually unbreakable, with one of the highest impact resistance properties of any plastic. Polycarbonate plastic comes in clear, white, gray and bronze colors.

Polymershapes, leading plastic distributors, offer competitive pricing on high strength polymers and plastics such as HDPE sheet, UHMW sheet, PVC Acylic, Plexiglass Windows, High Impact Polystyrene, as well as other materials such as Aluminum Composite Material.